1M – Science Day

On Monday, May 17, students from 1m had a science day about plants which is connected to their current unit. They investigated parts of plants and their functions (like how the stem helps to bring nutrients to other parts of the plant and proved how vital leaves are in photosynthesis). They also learnt about the life cycle of a plant and took care of our little garden patch outside.
Ms Klavdija Čuk

Cooking for Washington Students

Danila Kumar students have participated in the Kuhnapato project for many years. The project promotes seasonal, local and traditional dishes, which are prepared in a modern way. This time the students took part in the Global Chef series and presented a simple bean-based dish to the Washington DC students. For this purpose, we visited an authentic 300-year-old farm, Pr’ Hariž above Tržič. It was an interesting, challenging and rewarding experience. The American students asked questions about the traditional Slovene dishes, our country and the Slovene honey tradition. Dear 5m students, you did really well!
Ms Katarina

Extra Art Team – Light Drawings

​Students of the Extra Art Team prepared some ‘Light drawings‘, which will be projected on the walls of the Pionirski Dom in Ljubljana. The exhibition will take place in June, during the festival of ‘Svetlobna Gverila’. These are our ideas about possible landscapes, which happens to be the main motive of the Likfest festival.