5M – Collapsed Day

​On Wednesday, April 14, 5M students had a collapsed day in school. Their work focused on analysing how MYP students deal with stress, their stressors, their consequences, and what kind of actions they take to fight against it. Even though students were working hard, they enjoyed, had fun and learnt a lot.

6M – Letter to the Headmaster

Students of 6M have been reading Roald Dahl’s autobiography – Boy. They were learning about his interesting childhood and shocked by how many times the headmaster beat him with a cane. They wrote a letter in Dahl’s mother’s name complaining to the headmaster about this harsh punishment. Here are some of their letters.
Ms Tina Frelih

8M & 8I – “I am” poem

8M and 8I students have been reading – The Kite Runner, a story about friendship, which takes place in Afghanistan. After getting to know the principal characters, they wrote poems about one of them. Try to guess who the poems are about if you have read the novel.
Ms Anja Dežman & Ms Tina Frelih