Dear Parents,

As of the last school year we have started to offer structured support lessons. They are offered to all students with the objective of reinforcing ATL skills (social skills, critical thinking skills, organization skills …).

Based on the previous school year and the benefits of Learning Circles for your child/ren, homeroom teachers strongly advise your child/ren attend(s) Learning Circle lessons. The options are:


Tuesday lesson 7 in 367 (Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser)

Wednesday lesson 7 in 367 (Miss Marija Brenčič)

Thursday lesson 0 in 358 (Miss Tea Jelnikar)

Thursday lesson 7 in 367 (Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser)


Monday lesson 0 in 358 (Miss Tadeja Galonja)

Monday lesson 8 in 369 (Miss Mateja Kores)

Tuesday lesson 8 in 358 (Miss Tadeja Galonja)

Wednesday lesson 8 in 367 (Miss Marija Brenčič)

For further information please address the homeroom teacher of your child/ren.