Dear parents,

In a few days the invoices for April’s tuition fees will be sent to you. As I have previously informed you, the tuition fees for the period of online learning will be reduced by 20%, which means your invoice will be 80% of our regular tuition fees, for grades 1 to 8. You will not be charged for the Kindergarten and Afternoon Programmes.

The March difference, 20% for the basic programme and 100 % for the Kindergarten Programme and the Afternoon Programme, from 16 to 31 March, will be deducted from June’s tuition fees.

For those who have paid the tuition fee in advance in one or two installments, the 20% reduction in fees will be calculated and returned at the end of the school year in June.  

I hope that you are all healthy and well. Think of safety!

Kind regards,

Irena Steblaj