Dear Parents,

It is inspiring to see the spirit of our students who dedicate a lot of time and effort to online learning. Our students and teachers are unified in their commitment to continuing the school year to one of a high quality standard, with their creativity, relevant work and active participation.

We have already introduced video conferencing in the MYP this week, next week we will introduce video conferencing in the PYP too via zoom, first for the homeroom lessons, followed by sessions on Thursday and Friday from 09:00 am to 10:00 am, when the PYP homeroom teachers will be available for any extra explanation or questions about school work.

The second week of isolation is coming to an end, up until now I have not received any news about anybody becoming infected or ill in our school community. Parents, thank you for your commitment to keeping your families and our community safe and healthy.

Some ideas for indoor activities during the weekend:

  • Have a tea party (with poetry reading)
  • Draw or paint the view from your window
  • Play card and board games
  • Make a family tree
  • Plan a 7 Day Self Care Challenge
  • Start a hand drawn collection of ornaments

Stay home! Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

Irena Steblaj