The pupils of 8m and 8I reflected on Curatorship, exploring the work of the curator and their relationship with artists and business in the art world. Here are some of their best ideas, inspirations, conclusions:

‘To conclude, I would like to say that this is really a bigger world than I expected and has much more complex things going on. I don’t have a bad impression of this but, I do think that the cycle (relationship between artist and gallery and the quality of work as well as reputation of the gallery) is very good. As well as the gallery business being a great idea. Overall, it is a great experience to have.’

Rushwi Arelli, 8m

‘The most important thing about funding is that it symbolises the faith people put in art and the creativity of the artist when they support them. ‘

Bener Tulgar, 8I

‘I remember the first day when I held a pencil and started drawing, I thought art was just drawing until I made a deeper step into the Art world and I observed that the art world doesn’t have endings.’

Bertug Ozata 8M

If you take the term media art literally, all art is media art. After all, each artwork must have a vehicle, such as a piece of paper, a block of marble, or a video tape. Even if you have an idea, and wish to see that as an artwork, you must communicate that to your audience in one manner or another, so that an audience can recognise it as an artwork.

Daria Radulovič, 8M

The word curator comes from Latin meaning: taking care of. Today curators do much more than that. They are art researchers, they show the results of their research through exhibitions.

Luka Higonet 8I