Dear parents,

You and your child/ren have received the instructions for online learning. Please support and encourage them to be actively and responsibly involved in the process of learning.
Please let me ( know if you or your child/ren have any problems.
You can contact all of our teachers by e-mail ( if you have any questions or concerns.
If you have problems understanding the English instructions use Google translate (, or for Russian (
As the students will spend a lot of time at computers, I recommend that you limit their screen time in their spare time. For young children the blue light from screens is very damaging for the eyes and brain (digital dementia) and it impairs sleep. The time of social isolation is an opportunity for family activities: cooking, baking and cleaning together, gardening, walks and sports activities in the countryside (but keep distance from other people). Children should play with toys, blocks, play social games, draw, colour, solve puzzles, crosswords, riddles, make handicrafts, read, keep diaries, dance, exercise and practice neat handwriting or calligraphy amongst other things.
The PYP students will not have Computer Skills lessons as they will do most of their work on computers anyway.
In case you or your child/ren are anxious, afraid or feel stressed by the current situation, please contact our councillor Ms Maja Majnik (
If you urgently need any documents, contact our secretary Ms Maya Fuerst (
Follow all preventive measures. Social isolation is especially important, so avoid any socialising and crowds.
Stay healthy and in good spirits.
Kind regards,
Irena Steblaj