On Friday afternoon, Danila Kumar International School hosted Aniket Godbole, our former student, now a two time national debate champion and currently best speaker in Europe. Additionally, as a past WSC alumnus, he was among the top 50 scholars and debaters at both, the Hanoi Globals and Tournament of Champions in 2017. Aniket prepared a 5-hour workshop on argumentation for experienced debaters. Students and mentors from four different schools (Osnovna šola Dravlje, Electrotechnical and Computer Technical School and Secondary School, Vector International Academy and Danila Kumar International School) joined in learning, debating and the exploration of the World Scholar’s Cup curriculum, as the World Scholar’s Cup Ljubljana Regional Round 2020 is approaching soon. The workshops were very intense and the pupils were not only able to share their experiences, but also to advance their debating skills to the next level, making them more prepared for their future public speaking performances. We would like to thank Aniket sincerely for this wonderful workshop and contribution to our school community.
Katarina Lovenjak