A Moment to be Grateful For!

This is how PYP students spent their main break on Friday, the 13th – with a smile on their faces and enjoying the snow. Some for the first time in their lives! To be able to appreciate as many moments as these safely, please provide your children with winter or additional indoor clothing.
Aja Komel


I am very proud to enclose the MYP evaluation report we received from the IBO.

Irena Šteblaj

Dear Mrs Miheliċ, dear Irena and dear Tadeja,

I am delighted to share the attached evaluation report with you and your community. A copy of the report can also be found on IB docs on the page that you used to upload your evaluation documents.

Allow me to start with thanking you and your community for the commitment to a thorough self-study process and the thoughtful presentation of your results. Your commitment has been evident when reviewing your school’s documents and when you engaged with the team during the evaluation visit. I realise how much work this means and hope that the process of the self-study has already generated insights that have made the work worthwhile.

1M Cultural Day

Today, the students of 1M had a cultural day. To celebrate, students spent the morning talking about galleries, how to behave, different things found in a gallery and the various aspects of looking at artwork. Then, the pupils took the bus to the National Gallery in the centre of Ljubljana. They encountered and observed many artworks and participated by becoming a part of the paintings. The students had a wonderful day appreciating pieces of art and looking for Gal (a green dwarf who lives in the gallery).
Klavdija Čuk