Social Event 2019

This afternoon the annual Social Event took place at the school, which is organised to welcome, not only new families to the community, but also returning ones for the new school year. As in previous years, there were many fun sporting activities on offer outside in the playground, dance available inside in the dining room, singing with Ms Tina, playing the guitar under the trees, as well as handicrafts. This was all accompanied by locally produced refreshments, and an equally delightful atmosphere.

1M Police Visit – Road Safety

On Wednesday, 11th September, the 1st Graders went around the school to practice safety. We talked about the importance of our yellow scarves and why we wear them. A few local police officers visited our school to show us how to walk on the pavement, watch for traffic, look both ways before crossing, and to hold our hand up while crossing.
Klavdija Čuk