In October, The Moro Foundation and Danila Kumar International School invited all students to participate in a contest where students could show their creativity and knowledge about Ivan Cankar.

Grade1 and 2 students had to create bookmarks with images or quotes of Ivan Cankar.

Grade 3 and 4 students had to create “wanted posters” of Ivan Cankar which included information about his appearance, life and work.

Grade 5 and 6 students had to write an interview or a social media chat with Ivan Cankar.

Grade 7 and 8 students had to write a newspaper article or a story in connection to Ivan Cankar.

Amongst the received contributions, the following students stood out:

Grade Number of participants Prizes
Grade 1 & 2 4

1st Prize: Helena Lamorandiere (2.c)

2nd Prize: Ema Jakob (2.c)

3rd Prize: Uroš Kerčmar (2.c)

Consolation prize: Marko Hunjak Weber (2.c)

Grade 3 & 4 8

1st Prize: Grigory Zamedyanskiy (4m)

2nd Prize: Yury Chumakov (4m)

3rd Prize: Catarina Isabel Fernandes Moras (4m)

Consolation prizes: Beren Özata, Kata Manček Pali, Alexandra Kurakina (4m)

Grade 5 & 6 0 /
Grade 7& 8 0 /

The official announcement of results and the awards were given at the Independence and Unity Day Celebration on Friday, 21st December 2018. All participants also received symbolic awards for taking part in the contest.

We would like to thank all students for taking part in the contest and to The Moro Foundation for the wonderful awards.
Tina Frelih, Tjaša Fritsch Križaj & Leopoldina Poli Hočevar Eve