Our first successful day of the Challenge of Inquiry is over. In the first two lessons students presented their research work to their parents. After snack, students from grades 3, 4 and 5 came to the auditorium and listened to the interesting presentations. Both, parents and students gave feedback on the reflection slips at the end of the presentations.
K2’s challenge was How do the Sun, Moon and Earth interact. Students also learnt about shadows.

1M students were exploring stories.  They presented Fairy-tale elements, the story map, and the 5 finger retell. They also made a bar graph showing which story is the most popular.

2M researched sports and mindfulness. They had interesting research questions; How different physical activities influence our focus? What kind of physical activity makes you most fit? What kinds of activities makes your heart beat faster? What activities helps us relax?

Mateja Pompe