Mini Planica

On the 20th December 2017, PYP students and some students who train soccer at our school participated in an animation of ski-jumping. After putting on helmets and skis they slid down the mini ski-jump just like real ski jumpers. While some landed on their bottoms, others managed to land safely on two feet. All in all, they had an amazing time. (more…)

Sara Isaković Presentation

On Friday, 15th December, Sara Isaković, an Olympic swimmer, came to the school to give a presentation on the elements and the benefits of Mindfulness. The students were thoroughly interested and engaged in the topic, and Ms Isaković showed the students her Olympic Silver medal. (more…)

Visit to the Russian Centre/Russian Culture Workshop

Students form grade 2 of the International department as well as grade 3 from the National department, with their mentors, visited the Russian Centre in the city centre on December 6th. We were greeted with Russian culture in song. An established opera singer sang for us, as well as girls who are taking vocal lessons. (more…)