Fundraising for the Dome

The number of students enrolled in our school is rising every year and our indoor gymnasiums are becoming too constricted. Considering that students need sufficient physical activity in all seasons, we decided to cover the outdoor football field. The sports tent has been in use since this autumn; as part of our regular PE classes, extracurricular activities and for the Danila Kumar Soccer Academy training. Since the temperature inside the dome significantly drops in the winter months, we have decided to begin fundraising.

PYP Evaluation Visit

On Friday, 2 December 2016 the regular PYP evaluation visit at our school was completed. Two IB PYP evaluators thoroughly checked our documents, procedures, policies, facilities, observed lessons and interviewed our students, teachers, parents, board members and administrators.They commended our programme, specifically our excellent collaborative inquiry work in classrooms, our facilities and resources, our well trained and dedicated teachers and especially our active, knowledgeable, open minded students. (more…)