Grade 5 students had a science day on October 13, 2016. Students had workshops organized in school as a part of their work in the current Unit of Inquiry.

In the first two lessons they had to find out what a scale is and how we use it. They had to convert the radius of all planets from kilometers into centimeters, according to different scales. In the next two hours they had to decide which scale was the best for their mini project, cut out planets (using their scale) and put them in order from the Sun. (more…)

DKIS Administrators at IB Conference

Our Head, Ms Irena Steblaj and Assistant Head, Ms Melita Plesnik attended the annual IB Conference in Barcelona this weekend. The theme of the conference was “Learning together”. The IB educators shared best practices and acquired information on the development of the IB programmes. Our representatives learnt a lot about new programmes and effective contemporary pedagogical strategies, of which we will implement into our school.

Ballet at Danila Kumar

The Ballet School, run by Sorina Dimanche is available to students from grades K2 – 4M. It takes place on Tuesdays from 15:30 – 16: 30, and Fridays from 14:50 – 16:20, in the school auditorium. Why not get your dancing shoes on?

Football Tournament

School tournament between classes. On Friday 7th October first tournament at 14.00 to 15.00  for 1st grade.
Nogometni turnir med razredi za 1.razred bo v petek, 7.decembra bo ob 14.00. Trajal bo do 15.00.
Denis Divjak