On Friday, 09.09.2016, our PYP students spent the school day exploring the idea behind the word “internationalism”. They investigated how they fit into the community and wider world, explored the world map and globe, read the book “If”…, and sang and danced.

PYP coordinator, Ms. Tina

The Social Event

Our social event was the first opportunity to use the new dome area for sports and other activities.
All the teachers of Danila Kumar International School were there, leading various activities.  The parents and students who came had fun and enjoyed the activities. There were many new families present and we were very happy to get to know them a bit better.  It is a pity that more families did not attend the event and take the opportunity for sports, other activities and socialising. (more…)

Teacher Workshops

As Part of the school’s continual teacher development, several workshops were held in the weeks running up to the start of the new school year. Among them was a PYP workshop, which while reinforcing the values of the PYP, brought forth some new ideas. There were also workshops for the whole school about formative assessment, differentiation, academic honesty, violence and self harming, giving further insight into these topics and issues.

PYP Workshop 1PYP Workshop 2

The First day of School

The 1st September means the 1st day of school. Ms Irena Šteblaj, the Head of the International dept. and Mrs Mojca Mihelič, the Head of the whole school welcomed all returning students and parents back to the school, as well the many new students who are joining the school this year. There was a very warm and vibrant atmosphere in the auditorium, which highlighted the mood of optimism and enthusiasm for the coming school year.