Welcome to Danila Kumar International School!

I am honoured to welcome you to Slovenia, to Ljubljana and to Danila Kumar International School.

Our school was founded in 1993 to provide international education to foreign children. DKIS offers two International Baccalaureate Programmes: The Primary and Middle Years programmes for children aged 3 to 15 years in a multicultural, multilingual environment with English as the language of instruction for students from more than 40 nationalities, which brings together different cultures and perspectives.

Our school is located in a safe residential area next to the highway around Ljubljana, which is close and well connected to the centre of Ljubljana with easy access by car and public transportation. We have excellent facilities and conditions for lessons and enrichment activities.

While working hand-in- hand with our founders – The Slovenian Ministry of Education, City of Ljubljana, the IBO, and with our community of involved parents to promote superior academic achievement and a sense of global citizenship, we proudly celebrate our Slovenian roots and international diversity.

Our dedicated and well-trained faculty is committed to educating and inspiring each child to become a thoughtful, independent and well-rounded individual with a lifelong passion for learning.

We provide a caring, supportive and challenging environment that embraces the uniqueness of the individual, where each child’s strengths, needs, interests and talents are highly valued and nurtured. We strive for our students to fully develop their academic and additional potential, strive for excellence in everything they do, feel valued and value others. Our main goal is to prepare our students for challenges in their future and to become responsible and active adults.

Our programmes are focused on inquiry, enduring understandings, collaboration, communication and multicultural awareness.

We also provide a wide range of enrichment activities and experiences (collapsed days, extracurricular activities, projects, competitions) that prepare our students for the future, but also make their school lives more enjoyable and rewarding.

Our website is a good resource for information, but visiting our school is the best way to truly see the atmosphere and our everyday life.

I look forward to welcoming you and your family to DKIS,

Irena Welcome

Irena Šteblaj MA