School Rules Supplement





The rules are based on:


  • The publication Primary Education in the Republic of Slovenia, in COVID-19 circumstances, Models and Recommendations,


  • The document of the National Health Institute, Hygiene Recommendations in Primary Educations for the prevention of spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. (Recommendations are for the period of identified individual cases of COVID-19),


  • The document of the National Health Institute, Hygiene Recommendations for the Prevention of Spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Utilising Organised Transportation Modes, busses and vans form 28th August 2020,


  • The document of the National Health Institute, Recommendations Regarding the Use of Face Masks During the Spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, form 28th August 2020, and


  • Circulars of the Ministry of Education.





It’s the school’s responsibility to ensure that, during the circumstances connected to COVID-19, the educational process in school as well as activities outside school are carried out in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the competent institutions.


It is the duty of the students, staff, parents and other visitors to adhere to the Code of Conduct, which is revised according to the circumstances of COVID-19. Visitors can enter the school premised only upon a prior agreement. 





Students are recommended to come to school on foot. Students with a cycling licence are encouraged to use the bicycle. Parents should drive students individually, without carpooling.


Students enter the school individually:

  • Grades 2-8 through the main entrance at designated times,


  • Grade 1 students and kindergartners through the entrance form Rodičeva street.


They need to adhere to 1.5 to 2 m of social distancing. There are markings on the floor to make it easier to keep the distance while moving in the right direction.


Parents do not enter the school premises, unless approved in advance.


Student disinfect their hands upon entrance. There are disinfectant dispensers at all entrances and exits of the school. The school walls display infographics with basic hygiene measures. When they enter the classroom, they wash their hand with soap.


Students change into slippers at their lockers, adhering to social distancing. 


Staff only entrance is for employees of the school only.


At all entrances and in the hallways teachers and staff on duty ensure the following of the code of conduct.


After lessons students exit the school individually through the main entrance and keep to the 1.5 to 2 m social distancing.


Phone: +386 1 56 36 820, Fax: +386 1 56 84 105, Registration number: 5083389000, Tax number: 42494940



Danila Kumar Elementary School Ljubljana                        Supplement rules to the Code of Conduct, Model B




Students and staff are required to follow all hygiene measures according to the recommendations of the National Health Institute:


  • Handwashing hygiene: regular and thorough handwashing with water and soap or using the disinfectant, when washing hand s with water is not possible. The disinfectant is only to be used externally;


  • Cough hygiene: when coughing/sneezing we cover the nose and mouth with a handkerchief or cough/sneeze into the elbow; the handkerchief needs to be disposed into the bin immediately. After we wash our hands with water and soap;


  • Disinfectant for cleaning surfaces are not to be used for disinfecting the skin;


  • Washing/disinfecting hands is mandatory after touching of the door handles (entering/exiting the classroom, going to and coming from the toilet), stair railing or touching of other surfaces;


  • We don’t touch our faces (eyes, nose and mouth) with unclean/unwashed hands;


  • Outside of the classrooms we must adhere to social distancing of 1.5 to 2 m (due to the droplet transmission);


  • Teachers are responsible for airing the classrooms and other closed spaced several times a day;


  • Disinfectant dispensers are mounted at easily accessible spots throughout the school, in the hallways, at entrances as well as in the classrooms. The walls display infographics with basic hygiene measures.



Only healthy students and staff members can attend lessons or come to school (without any symptoms of an acute respiratory infection).





Based on the recommendations of the National Health Institute, we recommend wearing face masks for students older than 6, when they are on the school premises indoors. Wearing masks will be mandatory when carrying the school snack. The staff will use masks indoors on the school premises and in classrooms when social distancing of 1.5 m is not possible.


Everyone must adhere to the correct putting on and removing of the masks.





Lessons are carried out in homeroom classrooms or outside.


Classes change classrooms without mixing, unless lessons require mixed groups or when specialized classrooms are used. Students enter and leave the classrooms only in the company of a teacher.


As far as spatial capacities allow, lessons will be held in specialized classrooms or in smaller learning circles.


Physical and health education will be carried out in the gyms without mixing of the students form different classes. The dressing rooms need to be disinfected after use and before the arrival of the next group.


If there is an inevitable mixing of the groups due to the nature of the pedagogical process, there must me an obligatory social distance between student of different classes. When moving the distance must be 2 m, if sedentary 1.5 m.


Before the beginning of lesson classrooms and other premises must be aired thoroughly.


Students are assigned permanent seats and they don’t share desks.


The classrooms’ doors are open during entering/leaving the classrooms to avoid touching of the door handles.


Each classroom is equipped with:


  • Liquid disinfectant, for which the teacher is responsible;


  • A sink with soap and disposable paper towels, a bin;


  • Infographic with basic hygiene measures and other information.


Each group is assigned a toilet. The teaches agree upon a regime for using the toilets. Students should avoid meeting or loitering in the toilets.


The classroom computer is reserved for teacher use only.


The computer lab and other specialized classrooms are used in accordance with the regulations connected to the COVID-19 circumstances. After use, before another group enters, the classroom must be aired and the equipment must be disinfected.



Danila Kumar Elementary School Ljubljana                        Supplement rules to the Code of Conduct, Model B


Students do not share school supplies or they disinfect them if shared or borrowed/lent. In grades 1-3 and in the kindergarten, this is the responsibility of the teacher.


Students do not leave the classrooms during breaks. After each lesson, classrooms are aired thoroughly.





Students change at the lockers. They put their shoes in their locker or the locker designated for their group. Lockers are adequately labelled.


Outdoor wear should be kept in their bag; in winter time they leave it in their locker.





Playground equipment can be used only if disinfected. Different groups cannot use the same equipment at the same time.





The doors should be open with the elbow. All toilets are equipped with soap and disposable paper towels.


Student go to the toiled one by one, only with the teachers’ permission. Crowds in the hallways should be avoided. At all times social distance has to be enforced. Students and staff should follow the guidelines for washing hands.


Students must follow the teachers’ instructions.





Teachers and staff follow basic hygiene measures in classrooms as well as other school premises.


Conferences and meeting are organised in a way that allows social distancing. Masks are mandatory.





Parents are not allowed to enter the school unless otherwise agreed upon in advance and in accordance with all hygiene measures in place. Parent-teacher meetings and general meetings are held online, via telephone or e-mail (for short messages only).





Teachers teaching lesson 1 wait for student in front of the school (a designated area) and accompany them inside.


Teachers are present in classrooms at all times, except during the short breaks. During all breaks the hallways are supervised by teachers on duty. The doors of the classrooms remain open. 


In case of a longer absence, a substitute teacher is appointed.





Staff keeps a diligent record of attendance for lessons and electives, for study groups and all extracurricular activities and extra lessons, as well as the afternoon programme.


Teachers keep a record of students leaving the classroom.


Visits of parents and other visitors are diligently recorded, which is the responsibility of the reception.





Student follow the teachers’ instructions regarding duty.


Duty of teachers and staff is regulated with an internal agreement.



Danila Kumar Elementary School Ljubljana                        Supplement rules to the Code of Conduct, Model B




Excursions, field trips and camps are carried out according to the circumstances on location. When field trips are organised, social distancing must be ensured and groups mustn’t mix. If possible, collapsed days are carried out in school.


When riding buses, safety measures of the transport company need to be obeyed. All passengers must wear masks. Different grades mustn’t mix on the bus or sufficient social distance has to be ensured.



  1. FOOD


Snack and afternoon snack is eaten in the homeroom classrooms. Staff bring snack to classroom for grades 1-3 and the kindergarten. Students of grades 4-8 bring their snack to the classroom by themselves. All hygiene measures need to be observed. Food is distributed among students by the teacher or staff on duty, who wash their hands before the distribution. 


Before and after meals students are required to wash their hands with water and soap as well as disinfect the desks.


Meals in the dining room are served according to a set timetable with the exception of student who had PhE before snack.  


Kindergarten students eat lunch in their classroom. Lunch is brought to them by staff on duty.


Students take lunch at the pick-up line, following all hygiene measures and safety instructions. After lunch they put the trays on designated areas and leave the dining room with their group.


Dining tables are disinfected after every use.


Everyone has to wash their hands upon entering and before exiting the dining room.


Students of one grade/group who have lunch in school, go to lunch together.


The lunch timetable is determined in internal school documents.





Students in afternoon care go home at times provided by their parents or guardians/carers who are appointed for the school year 2020/2021.


Parents can summon their child outside those hours via an electronic pick-up system. They wait for their child in the waiting area in front of the reception.


Parents wait for their children outside or in front of the reception/in form of the entrance. The receptionist supervises students leaving the school.


Loitering or returning to school is not permitted due to hygiene and safety measures.





Extracurricular activities led by Danila Kumar teachers are carried out under same conditions as lessons.


Extracurricular activities led by others are carried out in accordance with recommendations of the competent institutions.





Borrowing books are possible by observing the recommendations of the National Health Institute.


During COVID-19 circumstances, borrowing books will be possible under strict hygiene measures preventing the spreading of the virus. Books can be borrowed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, while they can be returned on Thursday and Friday during lessons. The library timetable is regulated in an internal school document. The library will be closed during breaks.


There can be a maximum of 10 people in the library at once, with the exception of library lessons, when students are accompanied by the teacher. Visitors obtain a visitor’s badge at the reception, which is returned after leaving the library. The reception is responsible for disinfecting the hands.



Danila Kumar Elementary School Ljubljana                        Supplement rules to the Code of Conduct, Model B




Only healthy students without any signs of respiratory infection can use the bus.


While waiting for the bus, students adhere to social distance of at least 1.5 m. When entering the bus, students and accompanying staff disinfect their hands.


There must be an adequate social distance between the passengers and the bus driver (at least a row of empty seats). Students of the same grade sit together. When students of different grades ride the same bus, social distance is ensured between the groups.


All passengers use face masks for the duration of the journey. They should avoid touching any surfaces as much as possible.


All school bus rides are carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the National Health Institute and must wear masks, regardless of age. Provided students do not have or wear a mask, they won’t be permitted to board the bus or van.





If a student has fever or exhibits other symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, they are sent home and the school notifies the parents. It is not recommended to use public transport on the way home. The student waits for their parents in an isolation space near the reception. If possible they wear a mask. A toilet and sing ae designated for students who are isolated.


If a student test positive for COVID-19, the parents notify the headmistress. The school notifies the National Health institute and the Ministry of Education. An epidemiological investigation is carried out.


If a teacher or a member of staff fall ill with fever and/or symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, they must go home and call their family doctor. If they test positive for COVID-19, they notify the headmistress. The head of school notifies the National Health institute and the Ministry of Education, who start an epidemiological investigation.   


School premises in which a student of a member of staff who tested positive for COVID-19 was using are thoroughly aired, cleaned and disinfected.  



  1. OTHER


In cases where the Code of Conduct and its supplements don’t regulate special measures, students and visitors follow instructions of the teachers and staff.





These rules were implemented by the head of Danila Kumar Elementary School. They are valid form 1st September 2020. They are valid until cancellation or implementation of new rules and regulations. Additional changes are valid form the day of their publishing on the school’s web page. 


The rules and regulations of the Code of Conduct can be changed or supplemented temporarily due to the circumstances. The head of school is competent for the changes and its implementation.




Ljubljana, 31st August 2020

 Number: 102-1/2020/25



mag. Mojca Mihelič,

 head of school