PYP – PE Escape Room

During PE lessons the PYP students were trying to Escape. They had different challenges to do. If they did so successfully, they received a clue, which they then had to put into a crossword. When they successfully completed all 8 rooms they had to fill out the crossword. Whoever finished all the tasks and challenges got a certificate. Take a look at the gallery.
Denis Divjak

A Message to Start the Week

Dear parents,

We are starting the fifth week of online learning in social isolation. We have to give our students credit for adapting to the new way of learning quite well.  This situation requires resilience and responsible behaviour.
And these are the two human traits which will also be essential and much needed in the days to come as we do not know how the pandemic will evolve.
How can we help our children to be more resilient and responsible?
We should model this behaviour by being calm and consistent.
Let the children make mistakes – learn by trial and error.
Give praise based on process, progress and effort.
Deal with bad behaviour to set limits. Discuss the ways to remedy problems and to prevent them in the future.
Do not solve problems for them. Discuss how they should address the challenges and potential consequences of each solution.
With your support and care, they will come through this trying time well prepared for other challenges later in their lives.
Think of safety and a healthy lifestyle.

Kind regards,

Irena Steblaj


The students in my PYP Slovenian class had to create posters about their countries. These are some of their best and most informative pieces.
Tina Frelih

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