Kindergarten Science Day – Cooking Day

On Friday April 17th K1 and K2 students participated in their first online science day. They had to prepare a healthy three course lunch. They could choose from a few different recipes. After cooking and eating, their job was to clean everything up. At the end of the day they tested their knowledge about a healthy diet with an online quiz.
The day was a success. The children and parents enjoyed themselves greatly.
Sonja Može

Earth Day

Dear parents,

Today we celebrate Earth Day. Let’s celebrate our home planet!

The coronavirus is also having a big impact on the environment. Some of it positive — a big drop in factories’ CO2, airline, traffic and greenhouse gas emissions — some of it negative — growing piles of possibly infected waste like tissues and old face masks.

In some countries the skies have turned blue and many people can see the mountains for the first time. In Italy’s Venice, meanwhile, canal water is so clear fish can be easily seen.

All this is an unexpected upside of the coronavirus crisis that has proved global air quality can be dramatically improved – and fast.

Can the pandemic teach us about living with nature?

Enjoy this sunny day and take your child/ren on a scavenger hunt.

Take care,

Irena Šteblaj


The students from my PYP Slovenian class took an imaginary trip around the world and sent us postcards written in Slovenian.
Tina Frelih