8M/I – William Shakespeare on Social Media!

If William Shakespeare had social media, it would probably look like some of these examples created by grade 8 students. As part of their first unit dedicated to the English Renaissance and the works of Shakespeare, they created Shakespeare’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. They presented some of his most memorable moments uniquely and creatively.
Anja Dežman and Tina Frelih

5M – The Solar System Scale

On Thursday, 14 October, 5M students participated in a collapsed day – “The Solar System Scale”. They spent the day learning how to draw and calculate items to scale and used their newly gained skills to create a scaled model of our solar system. Each student worked on making and presenting a planet of their choice. It was a fun day with a lot of collaboration, cooperation and care.

7M – Fighting Discrimination

As part of their unit on discrimination, 7m students have been researching who fought discrimination in their country. They have learned that many people worldwide have fought and are fighting different types of discrimination in different ways, and many have been quite successful. They have prepared short presentations, which can be seen in the school hallway.
Tina Frelih

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