International Day of Tolerance

On Thursday, 16th November, grade 4 students spent one lesson in the school library. The lesson was dedicated to International Day of Tolerance The activities included: listening to a song and a story, debating tolerance, and sharing some thoughts about the topic.

Grade 4 students, teachers and librarian Mrs Poli
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PYP Cultural Day – Juri Muri in Africa

On Friday, 11th of November, the PYP and K2 went to see the musical, Juri Muri in Africa, the story of a boy from Europe visiting Africa. Students and teachers alike were dazzled and enchanted by the music, the dance performances and animals on display. Everyone had a wonderful time.

When we arrived back at school, the students reflected on their favorite moments from the play through the medium of creating shapes with colours and patterns, which were then put on a poster made of the continents of Europe and Africa.
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French Choir Visit

On Monday 24th October 2016 we were visited by the children’s vocal group from Paris Mini Hossana which is conducted by Servane Teyssier d’Orfeuil.

Mini – Hossana is a vocal music group which includes and encourages boys and girls aged 8-18 years to sing. The musical part of this experience is based on the pedagogical principles of Carl Orff and there is great emphasis placed on singing and playing different instruments (percussion, flute, guitar…).

The performance was inspiring!
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Absent Teachers

  • Ms Katarina Čepič
  • Ms Klavdija Čuk
  • Ms Anja Dežman
  • Ms Tjaša Fritsch Križaj
  • Ms Mateja Kores
  • Mr Klemen Strmljan
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