The New Year Charity Fair: Help Our School mates

On Thursday, 24th of November, we hosted the annual event: Help Our School mates. Students and their mentor teachers, helped with preparations for the event, which attracted a great crowd. The fair, in the dining room, started the festivities with displays of student artwork, which was available for a donation. There were also many sweet things on offer to tantalise the taste buds, which had been donated. Then there was the auction of sports equipment in the dome, which encouraged the crowd to delve into their pockets. After this, culture was the order of the day with a number of acts performing a variety of performances, including dances, songs and instrumentals from Slovenia and all around the world. To everyone who helped to make the event a great success, thank You!
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On Wednesday, November 23rd we had cultural and art workshops in our school. The workshop was part of the project for the Tone Pavček fund.
In workshops the PYP students made their own balalaikas and/or Russian dolls. They read some Russian tales in English, Slovene and Russian. Students listened to Russian classical music (e.g. Tchaikovsky’ Nutcracker and Swan lake) and Russian folk songs. They also got familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet while writing their names in the alphabet.

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PYP Evaluation Visit

Two IB educators will be visiting our school from 30 Nov to 2 December to do a regular evaluation of the Primary Years Programme. Our school submitted all the required documentation to the IBO in June. The visitors will check the facilities, observe lessons and talk to the students, teachers, parents, school board members and administrators to check all standards and practices. We can expect to get a report back approximately 8 weeks after the visit.

Absent Teachers

  • Ms Marija Brenčič
  • Ms Nina Čibej
  • Ms Mateja Pompe
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