Learning Targets

Students understand metric units and knows how to convert them.
Students understand what is perimeter, area and volume and knows how to calculate them for different shapes.
Students understand different solid figures (net, vertex, edge, face, etc.)
Students understand volume as a measure of filling an object and surface area as a measure of wrapping an object.
Students know and use formulas for area of plane figures.
Students develop strategies for finding the volume and surface area of objects including prisms, cylinders, pyramids and cones
Students explore patterns among the volumes of prisms and pyramids, cones and cylinders.
Students recognize and solve problems involving volume and surface area of composite solid figures.
Students understand that three-dimensional figures may have the same volume but different surface areas.
Students understand how volume and surface area can affect on the item production and cost.



 Learning Target -UNIT 2

Identify factors, coefficients, exponents, variables, constants.
Simplify algebraic expressions by combining like terms.
Add and subtract monomials and polynomials.
Multiply a monomial by a monomial.
Multiply a polynomial (binomial) by a monomial.
Multiply a polynomial (binomial) by a polynomial (binomial).
Expand and simplify using distributive law  foil method.
Expand and simplify difference of squares .
Expand and simplify perfect squares
Solve problems involving algebraic language, expansion.
Write algebraic expressions for a real life situation.
Use different strategies in problem solving examples.
Solve multi-step linear equations.
Setting up equations.
Use equations in problem solving tasks.