Kindergarten Cycling Day

On Friday we had a wonderful cycling day. 
Our teachers prepared two obstacle courses for us to tackle. 
To say the least we had a blast!
Kindergarten Students

5M Field Trip, Kavka – Final Day

The final day arrived tinged with sadness, as the pupils were aware they had to say goodby to Kavka, for which there will be fond experiences etched in their memories. On the descent down into the Soča valley, Kobarid was the next stop on the way back to Ljubljana. Our guide Ms Mojca first took us to visit a statue of Simon Gregorič which dominates the town square, a priest and poet known for his lyrical poetry, in particular his ode Soči dedicated to the river Soča, who hails from the area. Ensuing then, a walk up to The Italian Charnel House, an Italian military shrine which contains the remains of over 7,000 Italian soldiers who lost their lives in the battles of the Isonzo, with, at the summit, a church dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua. After the sightseeing a farewell ice cream was sought before the scenic journey home, and a return to some delighted parents.

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Printmaking Biennale

A piece of artwork (a print of a dry needle) by Uliana Bagaeva of 6M has been selected for a printmaking biennale. The opening of the biennale will be on Thursday 1 June, at Dobravlje Primary school.

We congratulate Uliana!

Anja Podreka

5M Field Trip, Kavka – Day Four

Day four started, as day three, with another morning dedicated to the PYP Exhibition, the students working toward their presentations, which will take place on 9 June. The final afternoon’s activity saw the pupils attempt to ascend the heights of the CŠOD Kavka’s climbing wall, with the help and guidance of the experienced instructor, Mr Zoran. Then, the curtains were drawn on the closing evening with the story board picture cards the pupils prepared on Tuesday, presented through the medium of the traditional form of Japanese theatre, kamishibai. 

6M Service Project – Visit to the Home for the Elderly

The 6M students paid a visit to the Home for the Elderly in Bežigrad for the last time this year. The students showed that they were caring for they were helping the elderly weed their garden and making their environment even more pleasant. Both the students and the residents had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Tina Frelih 

5M Field Trip, Kavka – Day Three

A cloudy horizon greeted 5M today as they prepared for a full morning’s work on the PYP Exhibition with a quick warm up and some games on the playground. The pupils worked hard and made progress on their lines of inquiry, making the most of their classroom time. After lunch, the sun paid a visit as the students embarked on a stroll through the forest. The way was lined with many trees, plants and flowers, of which our guide, Ms Monika, shared some of their qualities. One in particular was the Spotted Dead-Nettle, without a sting, and having little flowers containing nectar, which the pupils lapped up. The stroll culminated in reaching a clearing in the woodland offering spectacular views of the Soča valley, which as one student, referring to the book by J.R. R. Tolkien, commented, “It looks like Hobbit land!” With a brief afternoon session of the PYP Exhibition, and some games in the evening, the day concluded quite contentedly. 

Athletic Competition, Ljubljana Round

On May, 23rd we were at an athletic competition, regional round in Ljubljana, in which three 6m students represented our school. The girls performed well. Stefania Churakova got to the final of the 60m event. She gained 7th place. Mishel Luganova took part in the long jump. She gained 12th place and Klara Zupančič represented our school in the 600m run, and took 7th place. Congratulations to all three!

Jasna Lavrenčič

5M Field Trip, Kavka – Day Two

Day two in Kavka unleashed a busy itinerary for the 5M students. To begin with they followed the Sentiero Della Pace or Pot Miru (Walk of Peace), straddling the Italy-Slovenia border to the First World War I Outdoor Museum in Kolovrat, site of the dangerous Isonzo Front, where a network of bunkers, caves and trenches sheltered many brave fighters. Along the way they passed a monument dedicated to Zanuso Giuseppe, an Italian soldier, who had a shelter for those caught in storms named after him. After a well earned lunch they once again immersed themselves in the PYP Exhibition followed by a trek to the local Kavka cave, learning from our guide about how the Karst region was formed. Then, after dinner, to round off the day, the pupils were introduced to Kamishibai, a traditional form of Japanese street theatre in the form of picture card storytelling.

5M Field Trip, Kavka – Day One Afternoon

Day one continued with bows and arrows as the pupils tried themselves as archers, and proved to be quite handy with their accuracy. A traditional Slovenian dish of Jota then prepared them for an evening hike to a view of a mountain scape, with our guides pointing out a hole through the rock.

5M Field Trip, Kavka – Arrival

5M have arrived in Kavka. The journey allowed for spectacular views of mountain scapes, dramatic cliffs and fast flowing rivers, including the iconic Soča. The pupils are now enjoying some free time, after preparing their rooms and having a spot of lunch, with archery planned for this afternoon.

Kindergarten Field Trip – Day three

This was our last day on the farm. 
The farmer showed us his horse named Toro. We were allowed to feed him some dry bread which we were also feeding to the sheep. After having fed the animals, we took a short walk to a nearby mill, where Ms Metka explained how they used to make flour. When we returned to the farm, the lady of the house prepared a treasure hunt with riddles for us.
The most fun was when Mr Andrej took us for a ride with his tractor.
It was hard to say goodbye, but we were looking forward to seeing our families again. 
Kindergarten Students



Sleeping in winter, working the whole year
And fighting for their lives, with no fear
First they build a hive, like architecture
Then the only work left, is to help Mother Nature

Waking with the sun, sleeping when the sun sets
And they are the best workers I have ever met
They are flying all around the meadow
But for their safety, they must stay low

There are many flying creatures that think they are for eating
And if there is no other choice, the bees shall sting
But unlike the wasps, the bees only have one shot
And with that one sting, they sacrifice a lot

With that sting they not only lose their sword
But also give their life away, and leave our world
This happens every day, so there is no big fuss
The life continues, because there’s nothing to discuss

Bees continue collecting nectar for their honey
Which then we take from them, and exchange it for money
But they are not surprised, because this is how it always has been
And until they become extinct, they are going to serve their queen

Pártos András

World Bee Day

We have been celebrating this day since 2018 thanks to the efforts of the Government of Slovenia, with the support of Apimondia, which led the UN General Assembly to declare 20 May as World Bee Day. The date for this observance was chosen as it was the day Anton Janša, a pioneer of modern apiculture, was born.

One of our students, Andras from 7M, has written a poem dedicated to these hard workers without which our planet would not be the same.

Tina Frelih

Kindergarten Field Trip – Day Two

Today was the day for exploring our farm’s neighbourhood. We took a longer walk through the forest where we were observed slugs, snails and a lot of other little creatures. Our final destination was a homestead where we had a delicious snack. There we saw a dog, very cute bunny rabbits, parrots, fish and some beehives. In the afternoon we made a fire and roasted sausages on sticks. Before dinner we had a lot of time to play outside. We had fun jumping on a trampoline, playing football and swinging on the swings. We also painted on white T-shirts, which we will all proudly wear. In the evening we played table games and tried to sew buttons on a piece of cloth.

Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten Field Trip – Day One

Our first day on the farm was very exciting. We saw bulls and stroked some very cute bunny rabbits. Event hough the weather was not so nice, we spent most of the day outside, playing football, swinging on the swings, playing in the puddles and running. After lunch we made cookies. We tasted them at our pyjama party in the evening and they were delicious. We love the house we are staying in, especially our rooms, where we jump on the beds and have pillow fights until Mr Alen and Ms Sonja see us.

Kindergarten Students

5M Cultural Day – Animation Workshop

The students of 5m visited an animation workshop at Kinoteka. They were introduced to many types of movie tracks and reels as well as taking part in a workshop introducing ‘drawn animation’. The pupils enjoyed drawing and scratching film tracks and making simple movements with their motifs, which they will see at the end of June, on the screen at Kinoteka’s cinema hall. 

Anja Podreka 

MYP Sports Day – Bit Center & Squashland

The MYP Students experienced some indoor sports Yesterday. MYP 1 and 2 went to the BIT Center and tested themselves by playing badminton and floorball, and trying dance and a bit of climbing. MYP 3 were close by in Squashland, where they enjoyed squash and a hybrid game of squash volleyball, as well as trying out some fitness training.

Mitja Uršič

1M Science Day – Exploring Plants and Gardening

On Monday, 15 May, grade 1 students had an amazing day filled with plant experiments, researching the parts of plants and their roles, and planting flowers and vegetables in the school’s garden. The students eagerly engaged in various experiments, planting seeds and observing their growth. They also learned about different plant parts and their importance through research and hands-on exploration. The highlight of the day was when they got to plant their own flowers and vegetables in the school garden, working together with joy and enthusiasm.

Klavdija Čuk

MYP Science Day – Škocjan Caves

On Wednesday, May 10n the MYP students visited the Škocjan caves. Škocjan caves are some of the largest and stunning cave systems in Slovenia and in this part of Europe. Its underground halls and canyons are also on the Unesco World Heritage list.

Simon Zoretič Gajser

Renovation of Dunajska Cesta

Due to the renovation of Dunajska cesta, which is expected to last until November, there may be increased traffic in the vicinity of our school. We urge you to exercise extra caution in road traffic and ask parents to have a separate conversation with their children about this. The official notification from Ljubljana City Council explaining this can be found here.

Best wishes,

School management