6M Field Trip – Day 5

The last snack on the ski slope… 
Thank you for trusting us with your kids.
6M Teachers

6M Field Trip – Day 4 & 5

On the fourth day we were again skiing through the day, until our feet couldn’t bare it any longer. It was a bit cloudy and windy here, yet the winter snow fairy still held on here in KG. All the students have now learned how to use the ski lifts and go down the slopes independently. Congratulations to all! In the evening we soothed our feet by line dancing at the disco!!! What a party. 🙂 
See you today in the afternoon, around 15.30 – 16.00!
6M Students & Teachers

A Night Walk

​Enjoying a stroll after nightfall in the centre of Kranjska Gora 🤩

6M Students & Teachers

6M Field Trip – Day 3

Today we enjoyed perfect winter weather, white slopes, blue sky and winter sun. There were a lot of people on the slopes, but we have already learned enough to join them. We had a special guest today. Mr Klemen visited us and Mr Mitja joined the team.
We are planning an evening visit in the centre of Kranjska Gora.
See you soon!
6M Students & Teachers 

First LEGO League Tournament

On Saturday, 21th January, our mixed school team, Dominant Owls, took part in one of the FIRST LEGO League Tournaments in Slovenia. FIRST LEGO League is the most accessible, guided global robotics competition, helping students and teachers to build a better future together. The teams compete in four categories: the robot game, the technical interview, the project, and core values. Our team, consisting of national (Nejc Tušek, Sead Kolenović and Miha Aleksander Folkson) and international (Maria Madeleine Svetlana Magnus, Eden Kismet Bahri and Eva Kastelic) department children were successful at demonstrating all four components, on which they have been vigorously working for the past four months. Consequently, they have qualified as one of the four teams for the finals, the State FLL competition, which will take place in March.


Mentors: Lojzka Lušin & Uroš Medar

FIS Rules Evening

And… an evening learning FIS rules.. now we will now what is right and what is wrong when we’re skiing ⛷️⛷️⛷️🎿

6M Students & Teachers

6M Winter Field Trip – Day 2

Hello from Kranjska Gora!

Today we had lot of fun on the skies again, learning some new tricks.  Some of us also tried the cross country skies and it was great! You can see us in the photos.
Greetings from all 😎

International Handwriting Day

Every year on 23 January, International Handwriting Day is celebrated worldwide. It was initiated in 1977 by the US Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) to highlight the influence of handwriting on our lives. This year, the MYP students had a library lesson dedicated to the day. They were learning about different writing systems, participated in a quiz, practiced their signatures and, to conclude, analysed each other’s handwriting to figure out the personality of the author. The students were open-minded, knowledgeable and enjoyed taking part in this unique activity.
Tina Frelih

6M Winter Field Trip – Day 1

We arrived in Kranjska Gora around 09.50. We had snack and got our rooms. After a short break we experienced our first taste of Kranjska Gora snow. After skiing we had some games on the snow (building a snow fortress with a snow ball fight – boys against girls). We had lot of fun. Now we are preparing to go hiking to lake Jasna and then, we will finish with our first day. 

See you soon!!!
Students and teachers

Kranjska Gora – We Are Here!

6m have arrived in Kranjska Gora safely. We are just having snack before the fun begins 🤩

6m and 6M Teachers

6M Service Project – Bežigrad Home for the Elderly Visit

Today, the fourth group of 6M students visited the Home for the Elderly in Bežigrad as part of their Service as Action. The students made an excellent presentation of their skills by preforming magic tricks for the residents. They were very engaged and especially enjoyed the card tricks. Both the students and the residents had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Tina Frelih 

Portfolio Night

On Thursday, 12 January 2023, the students of the PYP and MYP presented their portfolios to their parents. They showcased their best works, the progress they’ve made in the first term as well as highlighting areas they can still work on in the future. The event was a great opportunity for parents to find out more about their children as well as the IB programme. 
The PYP and MYP teams

MYP Sports Day – Wellbeing

On Wednesday 4th of January 2023, the whole MYP department had a sports day connected with wellbeing. At some lessons the PYP students joined us as well and had a little peep into the world of the MYP department. The students enjoyed four stations that were connected with healthy diet, gymnastics, jumping with jump ropes for a better heart, and mindfulness. In the fifth lesson, the students completed the reflection and set some goals for themselves for the New Year, 2023. We hope all their wishes come true!

Mitja Uršič

6M Service as Action – Visit to the Home for the Elderly

The third group of 6M students visited the Home for the Elderly in Bežigrad as part of their Service as Action. The students showed how caring they are by spending a small part of the holiday season with the elderly. They were also excellent communicators when they showed and helped the elderly make various wonderful holiday decorations. Both the students and the elderly had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Tina Frelih 

MYP – Promoting a Sustainable Christmas

Yesterday, the students took part in different Christmas workshops in which they learnt how to construct different Christmas creations out of scrap material. We also calculated the carbon footprint of different products and researched the Christmas tree purchasing habits in different countries. We all gained an idea of how nice it is to spend time simply by creating with our hands in each other’s company.

Katarina Čepič

PYP 2 – 4 Activities

Today, to prepare them for the holidays, the PYP students were allowed to express their vocal talents through Karaoke, test their brains with board games, let their creativity flourish through Christmas handicrafts, and let off some steam by dancing. 

1M Sports Day

Grade 1 students Had a Sports day. They inquired through different games about their body systems and their heart beat. The day finished with a few dances.

Denis Divjak


PYP Science Day – Escape Room

The PYP students were given puzzles to solve and codes to crack, as well brain teaser games in the classrooms, as the escape room came to the school today. The students were divided into 4 teams who each got there chance to unlock a treasure chest, which involved maths questions hiding under snowmen, riddles to find keys, and the search for cryptic clues, amongst other tasks. Each group managed to unlock the chest, and were rewarded with a diploma for their efforts. Bravo!

Mikhail Kurnikov 5M



Ljubljana Visit

Today, at Kongresni trg, the students who helped create the school lantern met with other schools and the mayor of Ljubljana, Mr Jankovič. It was nice to see all the colourful work and eat a croissant.

Katarina Čepič