Small Electrical Appliance Collection

Between 1st and 21st October we will be collecting small electrical appliances (functioning and not functioning ones). The project is called Life Spodbujamo e-krožno (Circular use of e-appliances) and it is connected to the 5th International day of e-waste  (14th October). It is aimed at raising awareness about the proper treatment and discarding of electrical appliances which have broken down and also reusing those which are still functioning. You will be able to deposit the electrical appliances in the designated containers.
The schools which are most active and collect the largest number of electrical appliances will be visited by a famous Slovene rapper, Challe Salle!


Kindergarten students are going to visit the Ljubljana Zoo on Wednesday October 12th 2022. The cost is 6.50€ per child.  We will have breakfast at 08:20 and depart from school at 09:00. We will travel by public bus. Please make sure your children are wearing sporty and comfortable shoes and clothes.

They should also bring a small backpack with a bottle of water and a little snack (no sweets please).

We will be back around 13:00 when we will have lunch.

In case of rain, the science day will be postponed.