Small Electrical Appliance Collection

Between 1st and 21st October we will be collecting small electrical appliances (functioning and not functioning ones). The project is called Life Spodbujamo e-krožno (Circular use of e-appliances) and it is connected to the 5th International day of e-waste  (14th October). It is aimed at raising awareness about the proper treatment and discarding of electrical appliances which have broken down and also reusing those which are still functioning. You will be able to deposit the electrical appliances in the designated containers.
The schools which are most active and collect the largest number of electrical appliances will be visited by a famous Slovene rapper, Challe Salle!

4M SCIENCE DAY – Tropical House, Celje

Students from 4M will visit the Tropical House in Celje on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

The students will learn about plants and animals and their role within an ecosystem, how living things are interdependent, how prey and predators differ (physical characteristics and adaptations to their environment, their dependence on each other – healthy populations, the movement of substances in nature, birth, life, and death (number of offspring, stable ecosystems, etc.).

Students should be at school by 08:10. Our return will be between 12:00 and 12:30. 

Students must bring a small backpack and a water bottle. Snacks are provided at school.

We are looking forward to seeing many exotic animals and plants. 


Anja Plut

2M Cultural Day – Social Games

On Wednesday, October 5, we will have cultural day, the activities will start at 08:20.  and will finish at 12:05.

Students will explore various social games in class and in the gymnasium, practice their ATL skills and recognise and apply PYP profiles, while working together or playing social board games. All the activities will be organized in the second grade classroom.

The afternoon programme will be take place as usual.