Our school is celebrating Slovenian culture, and the traditional values of our country. Therefore, in the week of 7/10 – 16/10, the MYP pupils will visit ‘The Land of Haystacks’, which is located in Šentrupert.
The following day, Wednesday 7th of October, the MYP pupils will use their knowledge of building haystacks and create 3D models out of paper and wood. Two students from the MYP will be invited to do a presentation of our excursion in the national department, in which they will do drawings and paintings of Haystacks. In cooperation with the national department, the students of 5th grade will present a radio podcast and illustrations of haystack stories.
On Thursday 8th of October, the students will gather at the TUŠ car park at 07:45, in order to ready for departure at 08:00. From 09:00 to 12:30, the students will have a guided tour, workshops and snack. The workshops will give them a clear view of the process of the building of these special Slovenian architectural structures, their history and the fairy tales behind them.
We will return to Ljubljana at 13:00, therefore, lunch will be available at school. After lunch, the students can go home.

On Friday 9th of October, the school will prepare an exhibition of all the art works at the entrance of our school, where the school community are invited to visit the exhibition.

In case of quarantine or bad weather, the excursion will be prepared as an online event or it will happen at school.