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3rd and 4th March 2023

Call for Papers

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Writing articles

1. Authors should send their contributions by electronic form to the following email address: Papers must be designed in accordance with the requirements of the editorial board. When submitting the paper, authors should also communicate their correspondence address or email address and the address of the institution in which they are employed or their home address.

2. Contributions

The paper (including extract and literature) should be 6 to 9 pages long. The text should be written in Times New Roman, size 12, with a line spacing of 1.5. The title of the article and the titles and subtitle of the chapters should be written in bold. The text should be left-aligned, the beginnings of paragraphs should not be indented, but a blank line should be inserted before each new paragraph, title or subtitle. Longer quotations (above three lines) should be separated from the rest of the text, and the font size should be 11. Three dots should indicate omissions in a quotation between the italics /…/. Notes are not intended to cite literature, and their number should be as small as possible. References should be specified in parentheses of the current text: (Tivadar 2016: 140). In the lists of sources and literature, only the sources and literature stated in the text are mentioned.

3. Citation of sources and literature:

a) a book

– Schlamberger Brezar, Mojca, 2009: Connectors in French: from theoretical starting points to analysis in discourse. Ljubljana: Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete.

– Foucault, Michel, 2011: Archeology of Knowledge. Ljubljana: Studia humanitatis. Prev. Uroš Grilc.

b) a collection

Javornik, Miha (ed.), 2006: Literature and globalization (on the issue of identity in the cultures of Central and South-Eastern Europe in the time of globalization). Ljubljana: Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

c) an article in a collection

Mikolič, Vesna, 2004: Intercultural Slovene Studies – Reality or Challenge? Stabej, Marko (ed.): Modern in Slovene language, literature and culture. 40th seminar of Slovenian language, literature and culture: collections. Ljubljana: Faculty of Arts, Department of Slovene Studies, Center for Slovene as a Second / Foreign Language. 37–47.

d) a journal article

Tivadar, Hotimir, 2018: The position of Slovene speech through the prism of sentence phonetics – actualization of the description of basic text-phonetic parameters. Language and Literature 63 / 2-3. 7–24.

d) a website

Corpus of written standard Slovene Gigafida 2.0: <>. (Access day. Month. Year.)

Sources and literature should be listed separately.

4. an extract

Articles should also be accompanied by keywords and an extract (synopsis) in Slovene and English (this should be placed under the title of the article; an English translation of the title should also be provided); The extract should be in font size 10, and from eight to ten lines. The proceedings will be published on the day of the conference (part 2); therefore, the paper must be submitted no later than July 7, 2021. The author guarantees the authorship and assumes all responsibility.

Conference Selections

The conference selections are available on this link.

Action Committee
  • Karmen Bizjak Merzel
  • Andreja Hazabent
  • Žan Jovišić
  • Uroš Medar
  • mag. Mojca Mihelič
  • Klemen Strmljan
  • Urška Šuštaršič
  • Oskar Težak