7M – Cultural Day

On Monday, 22 November, 7m students had a cultural day workshop with ‘Zavod Cona’ – ‘Sound Microscope with konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art’. The students experimented with sounds and their manipulation. At the same time, they got to know about the walking performance and soundscapes. Their task was to create their own idea about a sound walk and a plan for a storytelling performance based on the experiences of sounds. 
Ms Anja Podreka

8M & 8I – Collapsed Day – The National Gallery

Myths and Legends were the focal point of the 8I and 8M’s Collapsed Day that took place at the National Gallery. After an interesting workshop focusing on self-expression and attributes, students listened to interesting stories explaining Greek and Roman myths and legends through paintings. They were analysing attributes significant for specific mythical figures, like Prometheus and Aphrodite. It was a successful cultural day, full of interesting facts and life lessons of the past – it was really not a good idea to anger Greek gods! 
Ms Tadeja Galonja, Ms Tina Frelih, Ms Mateja Kores

7M – Cultural Day

On Wednesday, 17 November, the 7m students visited the Ljubljana City Museum and learnt many new things about the history of Ljubljana and Emona.


On Thursday, 21 October, the PYP and KG students celebrated Halloween with a Scary Reading Night and a party.
Students from 7m came to PYP 1 – 5 classrooms (decorated by the parents the day before) and read 3 Halloween-themed stories to the children. The PYP students then decorated the cupcakes provided by the PTA, who also offered pinatas and additional sweets for each class.
The students from both departments enjoyed the cupcakes, the reading and all connected festivities.
A big thank you goes to all the teachers and students who made this happen, as well as to our wonderful PTA.

Bricklaying and Gardening

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 19 and 20 October, various students from the PYP and MYP helped prepare the school garden for the winter and got their hands dirty with some bricklaying. Without a doubt, Yixuan, from 6m, was the main star. If you need any bricklaying advice, don’t hesitate to contact him. The other students who were present observed and nibbled on the freshly picked carrots from our garden.