3M Cultural Day – Conflicts

On October 9th, 3M had a collapsed day. They had an escape room challenge. First, they listened to a story about some friends who went into a tree house portal and the tree house brought them to the world of conflicts. Their task was to solve some puzzles and find conflict resolutions to get back to Earth. At the end of the day, they also did some role-plays. It was a fun day!

Online Learning

Dear parents,

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport informed us that as from Monday or until further notice, the MYP students will start with online learning. As we anticipated, this was bound to happen and our MYP community (students included) are completely ready for the challenge ahead of us. The MYP teachers will upload their lessons to MS Teams on a daily basis. They will also have up to three live lessons per day following these patterns:

  • odd weeks lessons 1, 3 and 5;
  • even weeks lessons 2, 4 and 6.

Students should be responsible and do their work regularly. The online learning that the students will do at home will be recognised in the same way as their presence and learning in school.

Those who do not finish the assignments will have to do extra lessons when regular lessons recommence. We will keep you informed about all the latest developments.

Best wishes,

Plenary Lessons in September 

We, the MYP students had our first plenary lesson of this school year, on the 2nd September 2020, during which we discussed the new school guidelines in our classes. Some of the guidelines we discussed were safety distance (1.5m), masks in hallways and walking on the right. During our second plenary lesson, we continued with the new guidelines and discussed online learning. We talked about using Microsoft Teams and covered the dos and don’ts of online learning. Each class then made either a poster or a video about the topic. The following week, we continued by finishing what we had already started by looking at the posters and videos from other classes. We continued by discussing school before and after the Covid-19 situation. The classes split into groups to make posters comparing school routines before and after Covid-19. The next plenary session came and we participated in the European mobility week by dancing in our classes. We first watched two videos about European mobility week and the importance of exercise and keeping the air clean. After that, we watched a video made by Kazina dance school and then followed along and danced tthe choreography
Isabella Williams and Živa Pilgram 



MYP Cultural Day – Land of Hayracks

During the week of  Slovenian Traditional Culture, the MYP students visited the Land of Hayracks in Šentrupert. Besides the guided tour, they participated in four different workshops and also received a snack. We are all thankful to the staff of the Land of Hayracks for their cooperation during this difficult time.
Anja Podreka