Trios run

Ljubljana, 5 May 2018

Nine groups of students (3 km run) and three groups of teachers (12 km run) took part in the traditional “RUN OF TRIOS” in the positive, sports and supportive environment of our capital city.   Sunny weather and the beautiful, orderly and green environment of Ljubljana, gave the activity, which emphasized collaboration, help and comradeship, excellent conditions and an elegant backdrop.

All our students and teachers successfully completed this challenge. Our teachers were very comfortable in T-shirts sponsored by The Moro foundation.

Kindergarten National Gallery Visit

The kindergarten students had a very nice educational tour: Gal in the Gallery, on the 27th of March; they enjoyed the guide Urska who was really motivating them to find the paintings with the objects she offered as clues. Thanks to the National Gallery!
Marija Rus