Library Under the Treetops

The students from Kindergarten up to the 8th grade have all spent an English lesson outside reading books. Reading a book in nature may be no shiny, adventurous endeavour, however, its truly relaxing charm provides us with an authentic enjoyment. The students reported that reading outside is very relaxing, peaceful and that it is easier for them to focus. They also enjoyed spending a lesson outside in the fresh air. Their thoughts have been collected on a ‘reflection tree’ in the school hallway. The students and their parents can continue reading under the treetops in different locations in Ljubljana and Slovenia. 

Tina Frelih, Anja Dežman and PYP homeroom teachers

eAsistent Issue

Dear respected parents,

We received an official response from eAsistent regarding the issue that came to our attention on Friday. The company has decided to verify all its users, therefore, you are kindly asked to complete the first three steps of the process and disregard the fourth/last one. In case you have already completed the fourth one as well, in a month the app will ask you if you would like to continue with the trial version. When this happens, please select ‘no’. In case you receive a bill from eAsistent for using the app’s additional functions please let us know and we will resolve the matter.

Best wishes,


Dear Parents,

Today we received many messages about eAsistent demanding certain information from you regarding your child. The procedure is not school related; therefore, we are kindly asking you not to give any information to the eAsistent application. As soon as we receive further information from eAsistent we will inform you of the situation.

Best wishes,

PYP Cultural Day – Internationalism & Code of Conduct

Today, the PYP had a cultural day devoted to researching internationalism, as well as the school’s code of conduct. Diverse cultures were explored through the mediums of fashion, songs, stories, and games amongst others. 1M celebrated dishes from their different countries, 2M paraded clothing, 3M played games, 4M shared song lyrics in their various languages, while 5M penned stories on how they integrate and cooperate abiding by school rules. The importance of the code of conduct was also discussed, as well as additions to the school rules due to the Covid pandemic, which some relayed in comic strips.