Beach Volley and Tennis Tournament – Carinthia

The Beach Volley and Tennis Tournament in Velden am Wörthersee, Carinthia, was really nice and well prepared. We were welcomed with warmth by the staff and the students. We had a lovely and competitive day, playing tennis and beach volleyball under the hot sun, yet surrounded by the greenery of forests. I believe that all the students did their best and showed a full parade of their sportsmanship qualities during the whole competition, and made some special ties with their Austrian friends. Congratulations to all the competitors! Our students were 1st in the Beach Volley (Boys) and 1st in the Tennis (Mixed).

PHE teachers

Turkish Cooking – the way to say goodbye to the Cooking Club for this year

On Tuesday, 30 May, we had our final cooking event to celebrate this years successful season. We had two very special guests – Anka from the local food project Kuhnapato and a mother of one of our Turkish students. She helped us prepare some easy but tasty traditional Turkish dishes. And of course, since it is the season, we prepared a delicious mint tea from our school garden.
See you at cooking next year!
Ms Katarina and Ms Sonja

1M Science Day – Water

The 1M students had an exciting Science Day dedicated to water. They conducted experiments to explore sinking and floating, measured water temperature in different states, and discussed the water cycle. They tested objects in water to understand density, discovering that dense objects sink while less dense objects float. Using thermometers, they measured the temperature of ice, liquid water, and steam, learning about heat transfer and different states of matter. They also traced the water cycle from evaporation to condensation, precipitation, and collection, emphasising the importance of water conservation. This hands-on experience sparked their scientific curiosity and laid the foundation for further exploration into the wonders of water.

Klavdija Čuk

Absent Teachers

Mr Andrew Tomlin

Ms Kristina Štemberger

Ms Sonja Križman