6th LIKfest – Final Exhibition

All the students whose artworks were chosen for the final exhibition of the 6th LIKfest at Pionirski Dom were invited to attend the event. In addition, they each received a certificate of merit and participated in an art workshop led by artists and art teachers at Pionirski Dom.
Congratulations to you all!
Anja Podreka & Anamarija Cvelbar 


8M – Drama Spectacle

It was a Drama spectacle for 8m on Wednesday, 25 May. They performed three myths/legends from different cultural backgrounds. Their interpretation was up to their imagination and artistic expression. We saw different styles and genres.
Students were applauded by an enthusiastic and utterly entertained audience. The room was packed, and we were delighted so many showed up. Well done, 8m!
Ms Mateja Kores

WSC Koper

Some of our students participated in the World Scholar’s Cup – Regional Round in Koper last weekend. This year’s topic was A World Re-Renewed, and the students were practising and studying to participate in various disciplines and subjects. They had to demonstrate excellent debating and writing skills as well as be very knowledgeable about Science & Technology, Social Studies, History, Art & Music, Literature & Media and the Special Area in the Scholar’s Bowl and Scholar’s Challenge. They also had to present excellent collaborative skills because they had to work in teams of three. As a result, all the students received silver and or gold medals, and the following students achieved extraordinary results. 

Debate champion
4th place – Maria Miyanović
3rd place – Zarja Grom

Writing champion
1st place – Eren Tulgar

junior Asimov award- Achyuth Rajesh

Team debate
2nd place – Maks Pilgram, Eren Tulgar, Achyuth Rajesh
3rd place – Stefan Milošević, Yury Chumakov, Maria Miyanović
1st place – Maria Safro, Sofiia Myroniuk, Zarja Grom

Team writing
2nd place – Maks Pilgram, Eren Tulgar, Achyuth Rajesh
3rd place – Stefan Milošević, Yury Chumakov, Maria Miyanović

Champion scholars
1st place Eren Tulgar
3rd place Stefan Milošević
4th place Achyuth Rajesh
5th place Maks Pilgram

1st place global qualifiers Maks Pilgram, Eren Tulgar, Achyuth Rajesh

Simon Zoretič Gajser, Anja Dežman, Tina Frelih

Absent Teachers