5M Field Trip, Kavka – Day 5

Our final day has arrived, and we are just about to depart Kobarid, where we have seen some local sights, as well as eaten some ice cream. Our ETA back in Ljubljana is 15:00.

MYP – Science Day – Koper

On Wednesday, 18 May, all the MYP students visited the Port of Koper and the Škocjanska gulf nature reserve. At the Port of Koper, we learned how the port functions and how vital sea trade is for local and international business. At the Škocjanska gulf, students were able to go for a short hike with a guide, observing the natural wildlife and learning about the importance of preserving fragile natural habitats.
Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser

K1 & 2 – Cycling Day

We had an amazing day on Wednesday, 18 May. We spent the whole morning on our bicycles and scooters. The teachers prepared a fun and challenging obstacle course for us, where we tested our handling abilities. In the end, all of us got diplomas for being great cyclists 🙂 

PYP – Sports Day

It was a lovely sunny day for the PYP Sports Day on Wednesday, 18 May. The students enjoyed various hikes, and the weather couldn’t have been more in our favour. Grades 1 and 2 students went on a hike to Saint Jakob, and grades 3 and 4 to Saint Miklavž above the Sava river. We all had a great time observing nature and the beautiful views. 

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