7M Science Day – Robotics

On September 15 Grade 7 students visited The Jožef Stefan Institute, the Centre for Technology Transfer and Innovation, whose primary task is enabling and facilitating the transfer of technologies and innovations developed at the Jožef Stefan Institute into business. Students visited several different presentations talking about matter, robotics, biology, chemistry, physics, intelligence, systems, materials and the environment. In school, students created their own basic robot hand using Lego bricks, a motor and a touch or coloured sensor. The hand created can serve multiple purposes: massager, grabber, comber, cleaner, etc. Some students even recorded their own commercial for their innovative product.

Ms Lojzka Lušin


As the quantity of e-waste is growing rapidly, it is important to recycle it or reuse it properly. From 1st to 21st October we will be collecting Small Electrical Appliances in the lobby of the school. We will try to collect as many appliances as possible to win a prize and host a concert with Challe Salle in our school! To win a prize, there are two conditions:

  • Collect as many electrical appliances (in kg) as possible (functional and non-functional)
  • Create a strong (media) campaign in school and in your community (evidence!)

We are collecting kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, microwaves, radios, electric tools, mobile phones, calculators, laptops, TV monitors, videorecorders, LCD screens …
Bring it to reception (if needed in a cardboard box or bag) and mark with a note if it still functions.
The functioning appliances will be checked by designated companies and organisations and donated to those in need.
For more information visit:
Ozaveščevalno – zbiralna nagradna akcija na območju Mestne občine Ljubljana »Prinesi male aparate« | ZEOS
We will need your help (parents and students) with the collecting and the campaign!
7th and 8th grade students are invited to participate in the project and acquire Short-Term Service as Action recognition.
The PYP and MYP classes that bring the highest number of appliances will be awarded! (2 awards)

Ms Katarina Čepič

MYP Cultural Days – Idrija Lace

Our school celebrated the Week of National and European cultural heritage with a visit to Idrija City Museum.
The MYP students visited the Museum on Wednesday 28th September. They participated in three different workshops and were guided through the museum. They got to know many things about Idrija’s lace and its history.
The following day, Thursday 29th September. the students prepared some ‘Contemporary products’ and interpretations of Idirja’s lace. Some students made skirts, ties and dresses and, therefore, learned how to design simple cuts. 
Others worked in the design classroom and made lace lanterns, others practiced patience and preciseness and drew lace patterns on paper as a table cloth. 
We believe  they had two interesting and productive days! 
Anja Podreka 
Tadeja Galonja

Absent Teachers

Mr Alen Kovačič

Ms Petra Ivetić Cerar
































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