The Slovenian traditional breakfast with a twist!

What do you do with food leftovers? Do you throw them away or do you reuse them in another dish? Our grandmothers knew how to do that!

So, if you have some old bread, eggs and butter left, you can always make šnite or French toast. This is what our students prepared on Friday, November 20th, for their traditional Slovenian breakfast, or better still, what was left of it.

And the French toast recipe 😉

Katarina Čepič

Active Break Invitation

Dear Students/Teachers,

During these times of sitting in front of the computer, we would like to invite you all to take a break and enjoy some exercises prepared by our PE Teachers.

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The meeting takes place at 10:15 am every school day and lasts for 15 minutes, attendance is optional.

Kind Regards,

Benjamin Magnay


6M Slovenian breakfast

The 6m students celebrated the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast on Friday, November 20th.  Here are some photos of the breakfasts they prepared at home.
Anja Podreka

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