3M – Sports Day

The 3m students had a sports day which consisted of different activities connected to ‘orienteering’. They played – Hot and Cold, Minefield and picture orienteering, and they all enjoyed it immensely.
Denis Divjak

Soccer Academy

Next week (15th March), we are starting with football training for 1st. Grade students, and it will take place once a week. Because of the Covid-19 situation, training sessions will be organized as follows:
– Students will be safely distanced (2 – 3m),
– Groups will not exceed 10 participants,
– Training will take place in the dome, which will be aired regularly,
– We will disinfect all the equipment,
– Students will wash their hands before and after training,
– We will follow all instructions from the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ).

MONDAYS, 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm 1a & 1b
TUESDAYS, 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm 1c, 1d & 1m

Thank you for your understanding.
Denis Divjak


This year’s Community Project tested us with a plethora of challenges that our MYP 3 students mastered skilfully. I am very proud that they showcased being excellent IB learners. Our students carried out their presentations with professionalism and grace, from being risk-takers to caring to open-minded and flexible.
A big thank you to all the mentors and teachers who supported the Community Project process as well! Without your help and guidance, the students could not complete their project to such a high standard.
I would like to commend all students for their achievements, but some have received a special teacher’s award for their efforts.
Maria Kurakina – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Maria Koutsikou – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Nicolas Bojan Ivanec – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Katarina Korošec – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Gaia Ranđenović – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Isabela Sarah Williams – Special Teachers’ Award for Excellent Action
Živa Pilgram – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Batu Mumcouğlu – Special Teachers’ Award for Excellent Action
In addition, big congratulations to Katarina Korošec, Gaia Ranđenović and Anđela Sparić for receiving the Popular Vote Award for their presentations!
We are looking forward to next year’s presentations!

Ms Mateja Kores
Community Project Coordinator

8M – Community Project Presentation

I’m Hanna Sarossy from 8M, and my topic for the community project was “Relationships and suicides”. My goal was to raise awareness about teenage suicide attempts caused due to relationship problems. With my partner, Nihed, we created a YouTube video ← click to view, where we gave advice, asked passers-by for their opinion, and presented an expert’s perspective.



“Anyone who is involved in photography sees more.”

During March, we are holding a photography competition, and anybody is welcome to present their photo. The theme is – THE POWER OF THE MOMENT.

Try to capture a moment where you feel some power within yourself or the environment, in nature, family, friends, and where you want to express your feelings while taking the photo. Label your photo with either a word, a phrase or a sentence.

The submission deadline is March 26th. The announcement of the best photos is on March 31st. (more…)