7M – Cultural Day – Storytelling

​Students of 7m had a Cultural Day, of Drama – Storytelling. However, they didn’t just write and talk about the stories; they were walking outside, listening to the soundscapes of a sound artist: Manja Ristić – ‘Ontology of Negligence.’ Students learned about Post Modern and Contemporary Theatre practice; a sound walk, where there were no actors, instead the public became actors of their own performance. This performance is an imaginary world, based on emotions which emerge through sounds.
After the walk, the students had to write a story that ran through their minds while on their walk.
Here are some pictures of their walk, searching for abandoned spaces, which became a performance scene.
This Cultural Day was in cooperation with ‘Zavod Cona’ – an Institute of contemporary art, therefore we would like to thank Mrs Irena Pivka and Mr Brane Zorman for their willingness to cooperate with our students!
Students’ reflection: Students were very pleasantly surprised by the experience. They liked walking outside and focusing on an audio art form. They felt a range of emotions, making them observe many details and interpret them to alter in storytelling. Many said that, especially during online learning, they wish to have more days like this, where the surroundings outside turn into a classroom. Listen to some of their reflections here – (1)  (2)  (3
Mateja Kores (Drama teacher)

8M & 8I – Environmental Art

Students of 8m and 8i are studying and practising Contemporary art. This time, we prepared a unique artistic and conceptual challenge for them. As they were extremely successful, working independently on their ‘installation models’ at home, we believed they were ready for a real art project.
Consequently, their next topic in the field of Environmental art was: ‘Extinction’.
Students had the unique chance to meet, participate and observe an outstanding performance from the Slovenian director Jaka Andrej Vojevec. His project is called ‘Plastocen’, which describes a new human species, which became ‘one with plastic products’ and eventually became extinct. Our public is looking back to this extinct, strange human species and asking themselves how they lived, how they looked like and the languages they spoke, etc.
Thank you to Mrs Alma Selimovič – director of Bunker (organisation for Contemporary theatrical events) and Mr Jaka Andrej Vojevec for his cooperation and unique online performance.
Here are some memories of our online presentation and discussion.
Anja Podreka

6M – Growing up in the 1930s

As an introduction into their new unit, 6m students had to travel back in time and write a diary entry about a child’s school day in the 1930s. Here are some of their ‘confessions’.
Tina Frelih