PYP Plenary – Taking action

This week we completed another plenary unit. The PYP Plenary unit was – “Taking action”. During the first lesson, students learned about setting and achieving goals. The second lesson was just before Christmas, so it was dedicated to taking action by spreading joy with people around us. In the third lesson, we discussed New Year’s resolutions. Finally, during the fourth lesson, we learned about habits – how to form and keep good ones and how they influence our well-being. Students presented an exceptional understanding of taking action.

4M Fairy tales

Students of 4m have been learning and studying fairy tales during Art. These are their best creations. Some are the front covers of their books, which they will edit or issue in the coming days, others are primary illustrations, and some small ones are found between the text. They have made a delightful collection of ‘almost professional illustrations’.
Anja Podreka

3M Explorers of continents

Students of 3m explored an exciting part of human history during Art. ‘Explorers of continents’ and created three-dimensional maps. Each student chose a continent and made a ‘pop up’ map.
Anja Podreka