5M Science Day – The Solar System

Grade 5 students had a science day on October 7, 2020. Students had workshops organized in school as part of their work in the current Unit of Inquiry. In the first two lessons they had to find out what a scale was and how to use it. They had to convert the radius of all the planets from kilometers into centimeters, according to different scales. In the next two lessons, they had to decide which scale was the best for their mini project, they cut out planets (using their scale) and put them in order from the Sun. The last part was the exhibition in the hallway, where they put the planets in order.
Zala Klopčič 

4M Science Day – Herbarium

On Friday, 25 September, we had a Collapsed Day in 4M where were made Herbariums with leaves. First, we collected and taped the leaves on blank paper then we had to find the name of the tree. We used an identification Tree key. We also recorded where we found the leaves and which date and type of tree it belonged to. Making a Herbarium was very enjoyable and fun.
Anja Plut

The European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages, celebrated on 26 September, aims to promote language learning and appreciation of the language diversity of the EU. This year, the PYP and the MYP students dedicated their plenary lessons to the languages spoken in the European union as well as, in our school. In addition, to competing in a quiz, they presented the story of The Little Red Riding Hood in the form of a comic and shared how we say some everyday expressions in their respective languages. Their work is displayed in the school hallway.

Tea Jelnikar & Tina Frelih