PYP Cultural Day – Internationalism & Code of Conduct

Today, the PYP had a cultural day devoted to researching internationalism, as well as the school’s code of conduct. Diverse cultures were explored through the mediums of fashion, songs, stories, and games amongst others. 1M celebrated dishes from their different countries, 2M paraded clothing, 3M played games, 4M shared song lyrics in their various languages, while 5M penned stories on how they integrate and cooperate abiding by school rules. The importance of the code of conduct was also discussed, as well as additions to the school rules due to the Covid pandemic, which some relayed in comic strips.

Learning Circles

Dear Parents,

As of the last school year we have started to offer structured support lessons. They are offered to all students with the objective of reinforcing ATL skills (social skills, critical thinking skills, organization skills …).

Based on the previous school year and the benefits of Learning Circles for your child/ren, homeroom teachers strongly advise your child/ren attend(s) Learning Circle lessons. The options are:


Tuesday lesson 7 in 367 (Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser)

Wednesday lesson 7 in 367 (Miss Marija Brenčič)

Thursday lesson 0 in 358 (Miss Tea Jelnikar)

Thursday lesson 7 in 367 (Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser)


Monday lesson 0 in 358 (Miss Tadeja Galonja)

Monday lesson 8 in 369 (Miss Mateja Kores)

Tuesday lesson 8 in 358 (Miss Tadeja Galonja)

Wednesday lesson 8 in 367 (Miss Marija Brenčič)

For further information please address the homeroom teacher of your child/ren.

First Day of School 2020/21

It was that time of year again earlier today as dawn broke on yet another start to a school year, however, this year was slightly different. Despite the Covid-19 measures in force, which are in place for the benefit and health of the community, the pupils and teachers were eager and excited to get started with this year’s activities and prepare for the following days, weeks and months.