Dear parents,

We have been informed about the new rules and routines for the next school year. All our students will return to school.

Parents and other adults are not allowed to enter the school building. Kindergarten and PYP 1 parents will receive special instructions. If you have any issues, please contact our office or receptionist.

Individual interviews and general meetings will take place online, with the exception of the first general meeting for Kindergarten and PYP 1.

Only healthy students can come to school.

PYP 2 – MYP 3 (grades 2 – 8) students should wait in their groups, respecting the safety distance from other groups/classes, for their teachers to take them to their classes in front of the main entrance, according to this schedule every day:

Beginning of the school day

08:00: 4M, 5M, 7M

08:05: 3M, 6M

08:10: 2M, 8M, 8I

Exception: if you have extra lessons/activities before lesson 1 you come according to the teacher’s instruction. Generally, extra lessons will start in the second week of September and extracurricular activities in October.

Please do not be late, as there will be a special protocol to enter the school. In case your child is late, call this number +386 (0)1 563 68 34 and a teacher will come and take your child to their classroom.

Kindergarten and PYP 1 students will enter the school from Rodičeva ulica street.


The lessons will be organised according to our regular timetables for all grades, you can find them on our webpage:

Extracurricular activities and extra programmes will be offered but with certain limitations.

There will be sanitisers in all classrooms and other rooms in the school and all surfaces will be regularly disinfected.

If possible, we will organise lessons outside. Most collapsed days will be organised in the school or its surroundings.

If your PYP child/ren is/are not in the Afternoon Programme, you must pick them up from the main entrance waiting area immediately after their last lesson.

The kindergarten will take place until 16:00 and Afternoon Programme will take place until 16:10. Parents will be able to page their children from the main entrance waiting area.

We will provide the materials for the students who will stay at home (in isolation) and we expect them to complete their work and send it to their teachers in the PYP1 – PYP 3 or post it on Teams in the MYP.

In case of any questions regarding the lessons, please contact a subject teacher or a homeroom teacher.

Kind regards,

Klemen Strmljan
Head of School

DKIS instruction in short

·      Upon arrival, wait in the designated area respecting the safety distance between groups until your teacher takes you to the classroom.

·      Do not be late or too early. Come when it is your group’s turn.

·      Always adhere to the safety distance from other groups of students, at least 1.5 metres.

·      Students must stay in the classroom during short breaks; You are only allowed outside of the classroom during organised and supervised main breaks.

·      Students should wash their hands when entering the classroom and other rooms. 

·      Keep all windows and doors open if possible.

·      Walk on the marked side of corridors with regard to the safety distance from other groups.

·      Students are not permitted to go anywhere without supervision and/or permission.

·      Students can go to the toilet only individually and they have to return to their classroom swiftly.

·      All desks should be disinfected before and after snack.

·      Students and teachers should follow all instructions, safety measures and procedures in the dining room during lunch time.

·      Face masks are not obligatory, but recommended for protection. Exception; using public transportation.

·      Paper towels and tissues should be disposed into the bins immediately.

·      In case of any symptoms of infection, students will be sent to a special isolation room where they will wait for their parents. They will not be able to return without a current/updated medical certificate.