4M Sports Day – Cycling

On Friday, June 12th, the 4M students had a sports day in which they tested their cycling skills. The pupils practiced different aspects of riding a bicycle on an obstacle course. We all had lots of fun, learnt some new skills and enjoyed the warm sunny day.
Simon Zoretič Gajser

MYP Sports Day – Baseball

On Monday, 15th June grades 6 and 7 enjoyed baseball training and played several rounds of the game. They were a bit cautious at first, however, they quickly got it and enjoyed the game in the dome despite the rainy day.
Katarina Čepič


Pionrski Dom Ljubljana

Komenskega 9

Dear parents,

Finally, we have a small but strong selection of art work from Ljubljana’s primary schools. Professional artists at Pionirski Dom, Ljubljana, have prepared their final exhibition of the art festival ‘Likfest’. Some of our pupils’ art works have been chosen for this great exhibition.

You are all invited to visit from Monday 8th of June to Thursday 18th of June.

We are glad that our students have participated in this festival and proud to have some students at the final event.

Congratulations to all students and their mentors!

Anja Podreka