A Message Regarding Grade 8 Pupils Staying at Home

Dear pupils and parents,

Grade 8 pupils started attending lessons in school this week, thus, the online learning process for them ceased on Monday.

These are the instructions for all who stay at home:

  1. Our teachers will post the learning materials on OneNote once a week. It is your duty to check OneNote regularly as they will not do it according to your regular timetable. The teachers have lessons in school according to a new timetable and they also have to continue with the online teaching for grades 6 and 7, so they are very busy and these programmes are their priority. They are not available for grade 8 online learning anymore.
  2. Do your schoolwork regularly. The teachers will not give you feedback, but they will check your work, and it may influence your final grade.
  3. We will inform you if you have to come to school to do summative assessment activities to improve your grades.
  4. There will be no online summative assessment. Be aware that If you do not come to do the assessment in school you will miss your opportunity to improve your grade.
  5. The school will organise separate classrooms for these assessments.
  6. Information about tests and other assessment activities in school for your class will be posted in the Teams calendar.

Irena Šteblaj

A Clarification Of Rules & Procedures

Dear parents,

On Monday we started the second week of programmes in school for certain grades and some individual pupils in need of extra help.

The parents of pupils who are learning in school received detailed instructions and information about the procedures, by email, before their children returned to school.

Our staff have been putting great effort and time into ensuring safe routines and conditions. We have additional teachers and staff on duty along with administrative personel helping with the organisation and supervision of pupils during arrival, departure, snack and lunch time, during which special safety procedures and rules are in place.

I received a message with some concerns about the safety measures for meals and a lack of sanitisers in school. Our pupils and staff must wash their hands with special soap containing sanitiser, we have additional sanitisers for hands and surfaces in classrooms and around the school. Our staff and pupils must follow the protocols for snack and lunch and we have been supervising all meals.

Below, are the rules for pupils which the parents received before their children returned to school (our staff have an additional set of rules and routines we must follow – snack, lunck, arrival, departure procedures).

DKIS instruction for pupils and teachers

  • Upon arrival, wait in the designated area (South playground park, entrance through garden gate) respecting the safety distance until your teacher takes you to the classroom.
  • Do not be late or too early. Come when it is your group’s turn.
  • No physical contact is allowed, no hugging, kissing, touching, shaking hands…
  • Always adhere to the safety distance, at least 1.5 metres.
  • When queueing adhere to the safety distance (1.5 metres).
  • Any kind of grouping on school grounds is not allowed.
  • You must stay in the classroom during short breaks; You are only allowed outside of the classroom during organised and supervised main breaks.
  • You have to wash or disinfect your hands whenever you distribute or hand out anything to anybody.
  • Keep all windows and doors open if possible.
  • Walk on the marked side of corridors, and with regard to the safety distance, around the school.
  • Pupils are not permitted to go anywhere without supervision and/or permission.
  • Pupils can go to the toilet only individually and they have to return to their classroom swiftly.
  • All persons 12 years old or more must wear a face mask when in the school buildings, Pupils can be without face masks only in the classrooms while adhering to the safety distance and following the hygiene rules.
  • Teachers must wear face masks at all times.
  • All desks should be disinfected before and after snack.
  • Pupils and teachers should follow all instructions, safety measures and procedures in the dining room during lunch time.
  • Everyone should replace disposable face masks every 2-3 hours. Used face masks, paper towels and tissues should be disposed in the bins immediately.
  • In case of any symptoms of infection, teachers and students will be sent home immediately. They will not be able to return without a current/updated medical certificate.

Please contact me if you need any additional information or clarification.

Grade 6 and 7 students should be aware and patient as our MYP teachers have been teaching in school from this Monday on and are not available online at certain times.

Best wishes,

Irena Šteblaj



Final Grades & Report Cards

Dear parents,

There are only three weeks until the end of the school year for grade 8 students and four weeks for other grades. The pupils and teachers are wrapping up activities and various projects. In addition to formative assessment, which has been an ongoing process from the beginning of the school year, at the end of each unit and also at the end of the school year, some summative assessment tasks and projects will also have to be completed by our pupils.

This school year has been very unusual and also exhausting for some of our students. They need more support from all of us in order to be more effective and finish the school year with good results, and be happy with their report cards.

We have already appointed specific teachers who help individual students, and have organised extra lessons in school for the pupils who still do online learning and have difficulties coping with their work.

I would like to ask parents to help their children manage their school work better by ensuring a stimulative learning environment, a lot of sleep, exercise, and healthy nutrition along with well organised working/learning procedures and routines.

Kind regards,

Irena Šteblaj

Grade 8 Return to School

Dear parents,

The grade 8 pupils are returning to school today. They will be joining our kindergarten and grade 1 – 3 students, who have successfully finished their first week in school after being at home for two months.

Although they have had to follow the safety measures, they have been enjoying school life again. 

We hope this week we will learn if the rest of our students will be able to return to school, too.

I look forward to seeing all of our students back at school soon.

Best wishes, 

Irena Šteblaj