Dear parents,

We have been informed about the new rules and routines for next week, when all our students will return to school. The safety distance of 1.5 m in classrooms and generally on school grounds is not required anymore, but we will continue to try to adhere to it as our classes are not so big.

Pupils should wait in their groups, regarding the safety distance from other groups/classes, for their teachers to take them to their classes in the playground area entrance through the garden gate,

the little garden to the left on the path to the main entrance (photo), according to this schedule every day:

08:00: Kindergarten
08:05: 4M, 5M, 7I & 7M
08:10: 3M & 1M, 6M
08:15: 2M, 8M & 8I

Please do not be late, as there will be a special protocol to enter the school. In case your child is late, call this number 051728759 and a teacher will come and take your child to their classroom.

Parents and other adults are not allowed to enter the school building. If you need any documents or you have any issues contact our office or receptionist.

Only healthy students can come to school.

The lessons will be organised according to our regular timetables for all grades, you can find them on our webpage:

There will be no extracurricular activities or extra programmes unless we inform you otherwise.

If your PYP child/ren is/are not in the Afternoon Programme, you must pick them up from the same area as where you leave them to enter the school, immediately after their last lesson. All PYP students will have lunch during school time in their classrooms.

The kindergarten and Afternoon Programme will take place until 16:00. Parents will be able to page their children from the main entrance waiting area.

For the pupils who stay at home, we will continue to send some materials and tasks once a week. We expect students to complete their work and send it to their teachers in the PYP or post it on OneNote in the MYP. Our teachers will not be able to give them feedback regularly, but they will assess them when deciphering their final grade.

If necessary, we will call your child to school to do summative assessment tasks. These pupils’ parents will get an e-mail about testing from me.

Please let us know if your child is not returning to school. We also need to know if your child will attend the Afternoon programme and have meals in school.

If you want your child (grades 1-5) to attend the Afternoon Programme and have meals, please complete the attached form (here) and send it back to us as soon as possible, the latest by 07:00, on Monday, 1 June.

Please let us know if any of the students who have been at home until today, from K1, K2, grades 1-3 and grades 8, will return to school.

DKIS instruction for students and teachers

  • Upon arrival, wait in the designated area (South playground park, entrance through garden gate) respecting the safety distance between groups until your teacher takes you to the classroom.
  • Do not be late or too early. Come when it is your group’s turn.
  • No physical contact is allowed, no hugging, kissing, touching, shaking hands…
  • Always adhere to the safety distance from other groups of students, at least 1.5 metres.
  • You must stay in the classroom during short breaks; You are only allowed outside of the classroom during organised and supervised main breaks.
  • You have to wash or disinfect your hands whenever you distribute or hand out anything to anybody.
  • Keep all windows and doors open if possible.
  • Walk on the marked side of corridors, and with regard to the safety distance, away from other groups around the school.
  • Students are not permitted to go anywhere without supervision and/or permission.
  • Students can go to the toilet only individually and they have to return to their classroom swiftly.
  • Teachers must wear face masks if they are closer than 1.5 metres to pupils.
  • All desks should be disinfected before and after snack.
  • Students and teachers should follow all instructions, safety measures and procedures in the dining room during lunch time.
  • Face masks are not obligatory, but recommended for protection.
  • Everyone should replace disposable face masks every 2-3 hours. Used face masks, paper towels and tissues should be disposed into the bins immediately.
  • In case of any symptoms of infection, teachers and students will be sent home immediately. They will not be able to return without a current/updated medical certificate.