Dear pupils and parents,

Grade 8 pupils started attending lessons in school this week, thus, the online learning process for them ceased on Monday.

These are the instructions for all who stay at home:

  1. Our teachers will post the learning materials on OneNote once a week. It is your duty to check OneNote regularly as they will not do it according to your regular timetable. The teachers have lessons in school according to a new timetable and they also have to continue with the online teaching for grades 6 and 7, so they are very busy and these programmes are their priority. They are not available for grade 8 online learning anymore.
  2. Do your schoolwork regularly. The teachers will not give you feedback, but they will check your work, and it may influence your final grade.
  3. We will inform you if you have to come to school to do summative assessment activities to improve your grades.
  4. There will be no online summative assessment. Be aware that If you do not come to do the assessment in school you will miss your opportunity to improve your grade.
  5. The school will organise separate classrooms for these assessments.
  6. Information about tests and other assessment activities in school for your class will be posted in the Teams calendar.

Irena Šteblaj