Dear parents,

At the present time you have many questions about which year groups will continue the school year online (according to the reports we have at the moment, these will be grades 4 – 7) and which will be able to come back to school (according to the current reports these will be the kindergarten, grades 1- 3  and grade 8 students). We are still awaiting confirmation and further instruction from the Ministry of Education.

In any case, for those who will be able to return to school the online learning process will finish. As we understand, parents will be able to keep their children at home, in such cases, the school will provide weekly guidelines for them and they will be assessed like the pupils who continue the programme in school.

This week we have started the process of writing reflections for the Yearbooks. This school year the Yearbooks will be slightly different, photographs will not be taken in school and we will produce the Yearbooks in electronic form only.

I would like to encourage the students to design some relevant art work for the front and chapter pages. Designs and ideas for page layouts (borders, frames, embellishments, ..) are welcome, too. The pupils should send them to me.

Remember the safety measures, the danger of coronavirus is still here.

Kind regards,

Irena Šteblaj