Dear parents,

We are starting the fourth week of online learning. Most students work very well independently, however, there are still some who need support and constant encouragement.

Here are two suggestions for the latter to track and organise themselves:

  • Students should create a list of five things they should do every day and tick each of them as they finish them.
  • You should make a poster of healthy habits and track which of them each member of your family follows.

Although I am aware that some of you do not have a garden or a balcony, I hope you are able to go out and get some fresh air and sunshine, especially as there will be very sunny and warm weather this week.

One of our parents suggested that your child/ren try to find and identify the largest number of flowers, birds, insects, trees, …  (on your balcony, in your garden, park, meadow, forest).

When you go out, think of safety and follow all preventive measures. Avoid crowded places and socialising with people who are not members of your family. Keep a safe distance.

Let’s hope that the warm sun will destroy the virus quickly.

Kind regards,

Irena Steblaj